Binghamton to Tear Down Ten Abandoned Buildings

2022-04-19 07:16:29 By : Ms. Susan Liu

Several more rundown structures around Binghamton are to be demolished as part of an ongoing battle against blight.

Gorick Construction workers started the new round of tear-downs by removing an abandoned downtown building that had been used as a small warehouse.

The 2,200-square-foot building at 184 Henry Street was across the street from the Mirabito Stadium parking lot. It's been an eyesore for decades. The city had listed it as a place targeted for possible demolition in 2007. The building at one time had been used by a produce company.

A slightly larger abandoned structure next door to that site also is slated for demolition. The 3,100-square-foot building at 186 Henry Street had been utilized by a banana-selling business.

The two Henry Street properties are located in the recently-created "Stadium District." Many of the residential and commercial buildings in the district - which encompasses parts of Henry, Pine and Court streets - are in poor condition. Some have been unused for several years.

The current round of demolitions is expected to cost about $304,000. The work - all of which is to be performed by Gorick - will be paid for using money from the American Rescue Plan Act, Community Development Block Grants and the city's general fund.

Other buildings to be torn down are located at: 15 Baltimore Avenue, 49 Colfax Avenue, 40 Doubleday Street, 82 Mary Street, 13-15 Meadow Street, 14 College Street, 188 Oak Street and 49 Lydia Street.

In a news release, Mayor Jared Kraham said the demolitions "will improve quality of life" in city neighborhoods and boost the value of nearby properties.

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