Cobra Jump Starter 1000A: Power When You Need It - CNET

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Whether your car battery dies or your phone is at 1%, this lithium-ion jump starter and power bank can really get you out of a bind. Tyre Inflator Digital

Cobra Jump Starter 1000A: Power When You Need It - CNET

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The first time I took my car out on a camping trip, the battery was dead after three days of the interior lights turning on and off whenever I opened the doors. After getting a jump start from a neighboring camper, I vowed I wasn't going to let this happen to me again. That's when I bought my first rechargeable jump starter.

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Why it's a great gift: The Cobra Jump Starter 1000A is really peace of mind in a compact case. The 1000A model can jump-start any car (and most trucks) using either the traditional clamps that connect to the terminals on your battery or via an in-car accessory port.

The 44.4Wh lithium-ion battery keeps a charge for over one year, and can also be used to charge phones and other electronic devices using the USB-A and USB-C ports. There's even a built-in LED flashlight with three modes (solid, SOS and strobe) to light your way in the dark.

The Jump Starter 1000A is safe too, with reverse polarity protection and safeguards against short circuits and overcharging. Simple instructions are printed on a label right on the jumper cable clamps so you hook them up correctly. Plus, the bright LED screen lets you know what's going on at all times.

Best of all, the jump starter weighs under 1.25 pounds, and the whole package fits inside the included pouch. Just charge it up, pop it in your trunk or glove box, and you'll have backup power whenever you need it.

What you'll pay: The Cobra Jump Starter 1000A is currently available for $119.95 on Cobra's website .

Cobra Jump Starter 1000A: Power When You Need It - CNET

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